France , Morocco and Spain Spa Trip’s

French Spa Trip

French Spa Trip

I had the opportunity to attend skin care classes in the North of France. The resort I stayed at had one of the leading Thalasatherapy Centers in the world. Every day after attending the classes I went into the Thalassatherapy Center. This is where there is a large pool that has several different pools with in one area. The Sea water is pumped in to the pool.  In Europe the health care pays for them to go to these Spa’s for health benefits.  This particular region in France has the most Detoxifying Seaweed and Seawater.  Not only do you get the therapeutic benefits of the sea water, there are several different jets with in the pools. Each area has different things they do to work on the Body lymphatic system. You feel so amazing after.

Then after the classes I stayed  to find the most relaxing and pampering Spa services. I found  great Spa’s in the country. One of my favorite Boutique Spa had seven treatment rooms. They do treatments similar to the way I perform.  You get treated from Head to Toe.  Most of the treatment rooms have French doors that look out to this darling garden.

When I came home several friends and clients had an interest in going to France and requested I go with them. Due to this I have teamed up with an European Tour Company.  I will be taking groups once year.

If you want to travel to France, and other European countries  Relax, Detox and be Pampered this is the Tour for you!

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SPAIN and Morocco TRIP 2015



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The latest tour I took was June 2015 to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. This year we combined a week of Dance, Spa, and culture.

We spent the first days in Jerez Spain. Located in the South of Spain known for Flamenco dance and has a large Equestrian following. It was the Feria de Flamenco that week, which is a great celebration of Dance, Horses and culture. It was so magnificent  to see all the beautiful dresses that the women had spent the year making or having special made for them.

I was able to meet one of the Local Designers and have a Flamenco Skirt made by her. The Dance teachers were amazing, both from France. Nada taught the Belly Dance/ Oriental Class which was very artistic and feminine. Rubia taught the Flamenco class. That had been my first time along with many of the ladies taking Flamenco dance. We where so lucky to have such an amazing artist, dancer and teacher. For that matter both ladies were amazing and inspirational.

Going to Bolonia, Spain was the highlight for me. It was a very remote, quiet and  serene beach that the Romans had once occupied. This is were the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet. Every morning we did Yoga and Qujong on the beach. In between classes I would walk the beach and soak in the Sea. At night it was magical you could see the lights from Morocco.

I spent some time at the “Hammam” which is how they Spa in South of Spain and Morocco. It was wonderful to relax in the several baths they had. The treatments were wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating and followed by fresh Moroccan Mint Tea.

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