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May 19, 2017



Facial Treatments 



Leslie Morand Skin Care Holiday Party at Le Vie Skincare


Le Vie Skincare Signature Facials

Each European Facial is designed to be customized for each client’s specific needs to get you the best results.

This facial is a result of Leslie’s travels and training in Europe and many years of experience.

All European facials include Deep Cleansing, exfoliation, and Steam extractions if needed, relaxing face and declotte massage, customized mask and receive hand and foot massage.

All the Facials are geared to have you looking your best and create a relaxing experience from your daily stresses.

60 Minutes $95 to $150

90 Minutes $150


Men’s Facial


Men's Facial


Specifically designed for men to clean, renew and decrease skin’s irritation from shaving. To relax and rejuvenate from the daily stresses. For best results, please shave before treatment.

30 minutes $59

60 Minutes $95


                                   Teen Facial

teen girls

Promotes clear, healthy, radiant skin.  Also includes Home care education and habits to help achieve the best results going through adolescence.

For clients ages 18 and under

30 Minutes $49

60 Minutes $85

60 Minutes includes Peel  $145




Acne Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment


Specialty created to target acne breakouts, black heads and white heads. Includes Deep pore cleansing, surface exfoliation, extractions of impurities. Pressure Point massage to calm the skin and helps in the healing process. Then a mask is applied to regulate the oil and bacteria in the skin.  This facial helps to balance and brighten for a healthier complexion. Also recommended to add on a chemical peel for deeper exfoliation.

Price $95 -$150







Oxygen Acne Treatment Clarity

Includes Acne European Deep Cleansing Facial and Intracueticals Oxygen Treatment

  • Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam, Extractions, Mask and massage depending on Acne.

Clear, Refine and Calm

Improve the Appearance of:

  • Blemished Prone, Oily and Acne Skin
  • Enlarged or Congested Pores
  • Build up of Keratinization
  • Red Irritated Skin

Price $150- $200

Time: 60 to 75 minutes


 Sensitive Anti-Redness Rosacea Facial

Specially designed for very sensitive and reactive skin. Soothed, relaxes and calms with a refreshing and decongestant treatment. It helps reconstruct the skin barrier and helps combat blotchiness.  Your complexion is evened out, smoothed and radiant once again. This treatment is also great for Coupe rouse, Eczema and Rosacea skin types.

Price: $95 to $150
Time: 60 minutes

Oxygen Facial

Want to look years Younger with out going Under the knife?

This is one of the best Non Invasive Treatments to achieve Instant Results. The Hollywood A- list Treatment. Perfect for any skin type. Great before a Wedding, Event or just want to look your Best!

Visible results:

  • Hydrates, Calms and Glowing
  • Lift
  • Helps with Puffiness around the eye area
  • Lines are softened

Appearance of the Skin after the Treatment:

  • Even Skin Tone and Texture
  • Helps with pigmentation issues
  • Helps combat Acne and Impurities

The results continue to improve with repeated treatment application.

I have been Studying, Trained and using in my practice for 10 years.

A series of 6 Treatments weekly is recommended for maximum benefits

Price: $150-$200

Packages of 6 Sessions  $800, $1100, $1200 depends on which serum’s are used.
Time: 60 to 90 Minutes


Add on Micro Current to give the Ultimate Face Lift $75 (Value of $125)



The Transformation Anti- Aging Facial

Combination of the latest and best Non-Invasive Skin care technologies to achieve the best results to

“Slow down the Aging Process” and Look your best.

Each Facial is customized depending on your skin type. Includes European Relaxing Facial for the mind and spirit, Micro Current to lift the Muscle’s and stimulate the collagen process, and Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment to give your skin a Glow again, Hydrate, lift and minimize lines.

60 minutes $200

90 Minutes $250

Add declotte $285


Aroma White Facial

This facial helps to fade and prevent hyper pigmentation by using nontoxic ingredients such
as white mulberry and vitamin C. This is specifically geared for people with freckles and
pigmentation issues. Recommended to add on a Peel for deep Pigmentation concerns.

Price: $150
Time: 60

Touch and Go Facial

This Mini facial includes all the essential elements of healthy skincare treatment in a condensed 45 minute session. Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, massage and mask. Impressive results that will help your skin regain its natural glow. Perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Price: $50-$65
Time: 30-45 minute


Chemical Peels


What is a Chemical Peel?

It is a technique which uses a variety of chemical solutions to remove the dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells it stimulates the regenerative process.
I offer several different Peels from Lactic which is great for sensitive skin. Flower Peels, Salicylic, and Jessner Peels. Choosing which peels depends on skin type and what results we are going for.
Improvement in minimizing lines,works on pigmentation, improves texture and tone, reduced pore size and Balances oil in the skin. Overall healthier skin. For optimum results a series is recommended.

Add on to Facial :$50 -$75

Peel Per Treatment: $75-$100
Series of 3 Peels $200 to $275
Series of 6 Peels $400 to $500

Enzyme Peels
Are made from several different Fruits and flowers to remove the top layers of dead skin. It helps digest clogged pores. Makes extractions easier. The skin feels softer and more refreshed.

Add on to Facial $35 to $45