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Product photo shoot islandI travel the world to bring you the best skin care  products to achieve Results.
Using all Natural Skincare Lines to achieve the best results. Products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin and going to get results. I am offering a full range for all skin types and Budgets.

Le Vie Skincare was created by Master Esthetician Leslie Morand.

Leslie has been around the Skin care industry since she was a young child.  As a young adolescent she suffered from Acne and used every over the counter and department store product out there. Some would make the skin worse and were extremely irritating. Due to many life’s journeys she studied and got her licenses in 1998. One of her first assignments was to do product ingredient research. Do to the astonishing research and findings of toxic ingredients that harm the skin. It led her to the path of creating her own skin care line.

In 2008 Leslie studied in the North of France were she did an internship at a leading Skin care laboratory. She then hired a lab in the United States with Chemists to custom blend High Active, 100% Natural and Non Toxic Ingredients to get her clients the best results. Combining Nature and Science to achieve balance for every sensitivity and skin type. Leslie has made it her life mission to help others achieve their skin care goals.  Le Vie Skincare products range Anti- aging, acne, sensitive to combination skin types.

  • Drug- Free Solutions
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Thorough Testing
  • High Active Ingredients
  • No unwanted Ingredients
  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral Oil and Lanolin Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
  • Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates Free
  • Toluene and Talc Free
  • Solvent Alcohol Free


All products can be purchased Online Store:      squareup.com/market/le-vie-skincare 



One of the lines I have worked with for 14 years is Decleor, Paris. Which uses Science and nature to create a result oriented Skincare line.
Decleor is an Aromatherapy and phytotherapy natural skincare, beauty treatments and cosmetics based on essential oils and plant extracts manufactured in Paris.

  • Leslie Morand Skin Care Holiday Party at Le Vie Skincare
  • Progesterone Free
  • Bovine Sourced Ingredients Free
  • Formaldehyde DMDM, UREA Free

The DECLÉOR story started 35 years ago through the application of both passion and energy.
At that time it was known as CLEOR (The Clé en Or or Golden Key that opens the Temple of Beauty), and its philosophy was “Be more than skin-deep” and each initiative was designed for the well being of the body, the skin and the spirit, an astonishingly holistic and cutting-edge approach.

This fabulous adventure was started by a passionate and bold team consisting of a beautician, a doctor, a shiatsu teacher and a fantastic aromatherapist and physiotherapist, the latter being a pioneer in her field.
Their holistic approach to the Skin, Body and their expertise in energy points prompted the line.
When combined, Essential Oils work in synergy to naturally create new properties. This discovery lies at the heart of our AROMESSENCE™ products and is also the basis for all of the creams, balms and lotions in our various ranges.

These products combine the best of essential oils using the latest research on active ingredients
Leslie Morand Skin Care Holiday Party at Le Vie Skincare

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